Phoenix, Arizona, Certified Retirement Financial Advisor Darcy Bergen

About Darcy Bergen

For the past decade, Darcy Bergen has offered retirement-age individuals and families a host of financial assessment and management solutions. As owner of Bergen Financial Group, he emphasizes financial planning strategies that maximize the benefits of employer-sponsored IRAs and other vehicles, while keeping tax burdens to the absolute minimum. Darcy Bergen consults closely with clients and takes time to understand their specific lifestyle needs as they transition to retired life. He also focuses on pathways for financing grandchildren's educations and optimal legacy-planning strategies. A particular focus is on ensuring that heirs receive as many remaining assets as possible through minimizing probate expenses and income and estate taxes.

Mr. Bergen's more than 20 years of experience in the financial industry includes a former position as branch manager of the Height of Excellence Financial Planning Group in Regina, Saskatchewan. With experience hosting live television and radio programs, Darcy Bergen has led numerous seminars on diverse aspects of money preservation for seniors.